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33-year-old Alisa Nieves has a happy life, now she wants to make her future happy, too. This Painesville mom hopes to get healthy to enjoy special moments playing with her boys.

Monday, April 2, 2012

If he can do it so can I!!

So my boyfriend of 6 years calls a family meeting last week. I was kinda concerned because he has never called a family meeting before...His dad is fighting cancer so I immediately thought something bad might have happened. He saw my concern in my face and assured me that his Dad was still OK but the meeting was based on his dad...Anyways he called the troops together and told us he was going to quit smoking. Now this is a big deal for him, he is a heavy smoker and last time he tried to quit he overdosed on nicotine while he was on the patch because he wasn't ready to quit. He explained to the boys he is going to be extremely irritable so for them and myself not to take it personal..I was proud of him for making this decision and I know how hard it was. He hasn't smoked for 3 days. He has been super grumpy and I mean SUPER GRUMPY but he has done it.
I feel if he has to go through this, then I can go through it do and stop eating poorly. I know I have said it a million times, but I'll keep saying it, I'm not going to give up....I'll figure it out one day!!! Hopefully sooner that later! :-)


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