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33-year-old Alisa Nieves has a happy life, now she wants to make her future happy, too. This Painesville mom hopes to get healthy to enjoy special moments playing with her boys.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Find Me Time!!

So I have definitely been eating better this week. Instead of fast food 2-3 times a week I had subway twice and that was a 6-inch sub with no cheese and chic filA sandwich i am happy with far as exercise I would like to share with whoever may be reading this my schedule for this week so someone may help me find REALISTIC times to exercise...
Monday-woke up 630 to take high school kids to school
7-8 getting ready for work
830 take kids to school
9-330 work
4 kid to dance class
back home to pick up other son for 530 dance class
drop kid off at 630 for dance then to basketball at 7
worked second job till 1030
Tues-same morning schedule but worked till 530
son to baseball practice at 6pm
home to make dinner
then second job until 1030
Wed same morning routine but worked until 6pm
did go to park with kids but limited time
Thursday same morning routine but worked until 530 pm
took son to baseball practice then other son to high school bball game
pick up son from baseball and took him to dance
did walk 30 minutes during dance
this is how my week is every week...full of a million things to do....little time in between i try to spend with my boys..I need to figure out how to find time for me!!!!!!!!!!


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