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33-year-old Alisa Nieves has a happy life, now she wants to make her future happy, too. This Painesville mom hopes to get healthy to enjoy special moments playing with her boys.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I worked out today!! Yay for me!

So I know most of my competitors have gotten off to a great start and I am so proud of them, but unfortunatly I havent't..But its turning all around! I worked out at 530 am today (no that's not a says AM) It was very difficult for me but I got my butt out of bed and did it...It was a cycling class at Pulse and it was great except for the lack of comfortable cushioning for my toosh but that I will have to get used to.
I have been eating pretty good this week and have been drinking water..
I am hoping to continue the morning workout because I feel great today and I'm not dreading having to find the time later to do it....Hopefully I will start going to the YMCA soon so my hours I can work out are expanded.....TaTa!!


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