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33-year-old Alisa Nieves has a happy life, now she wants to make her future happy, too. This Painesville mom hopes to get healthy to enjoy special moments playing with her boys.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 more days!

So I have been slowly getting it together...I haven't been eating out during the day as much and I'm starting to notice a difference by not being tired as much. I feel pressure from another contestant wanting to have everyone lose weight at each weigh in..(no pressure!) I don't want to be that one that ruins it all!. I got my hair done today and it looks awesome (shout out to Theresa at Famous Hair!) so that makes me feel better. I also went and worked out today...I started this contest slow, but aren't you supposed to start off a race slow so you can keep up the momentum the whole race? I'm just gonna pretend that's what I'm doing!!!


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